Why do we do it this way?

Fundraising — especially at the earliest stages — is exhausting the way it's done right now. The founder spends 30-45 minutes trying to convince someone of their vision of the world, and the investor (understandably, trying to do their job) spends the entire time trying to poke holes to try to quantify and qualify the (very high) risk at this stage.

We know this sucks. We've done >250 pitches in the last 2 years for AbstractOps (and several hundred more at prior startups).

But at The Operator Fund, we're not full-time investors; as current founders / operators, we're in startup mode ourselves. We talk to you like a peer, friend, or sounding board. This shit is hard, and we can empathize.

You need someone who can brainstorm not just all the ways it can go wrong but all the ways it can go right — in true balance. Because that's what good operators do for each other. We're not evaluating each other, we're helping each other see around corners, good and bad.